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Q - Kleverkill just recently reunited after a 3 year break. You have just released a new single, video and 4 song E.P. Talk about the new project.

A - Kurtis: The new single is called "New Life" and it is accompanied by our first ever video which we shot along the Oregon Coast.

Q - The new song is called "New Life"? After such a long break for the band is the song about that time off and coming back now? What inspired the title?

A - Kurtis: The song is about the band and more. I usually don't worry about the song title having deep meaning but this one is definitely born of personal experience as well as the resurrection of Kleverkill. This band has remained important to all of us.

Q - Was the 3 year pause by choice?

A - Kurtis: To a degree yes. Life hands you situations and you deal with them as best you can, good or bad. Ours was mostly positive because it was driven by the fact that I got married and we added a new baby to our household.

Q - Why get the band back together now?

A - Kurtis: Well, we weren't done. We stopped at a time when things with the band had slowed and the timing was good to put it on pause for a period of time. Ultimately I am a songwriter/singer and felt that old fire of creativity burning again. Also this band has the added bonus of strong friendships. David, Joe and I have known each other for several years and know we work well together. So it was a "no brainer" to come back to this very rich well of talent and energy.


David: Kurtis and I kept in touch over the break. Our friendship isn't about Kleverkill so we are and will always be tight. It is awesome to be making music together again.

Kurtis: About 6 months ago David and I started discussing getting Kleverkill up and running again. We both knew there was no other drummer than Joe. He is an integral part of our music and he and David write very well together.

Joe: We are a close knit group. We have fun hanging out together and making music. I am stoked to be back behind the drums for Kleverkill.

Q - Talk more about your music overall.

A - Kurtis: Slamming low, heavy riffs, real life stories, killer guitar solos and hooks along with rock solid drumming. We have some big talent here and when we combine it all it becomes KleverKill.

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